Attention: Information marketers, coaches, authors, and solopreneurs:

“Transform Your Message Into Money with Professionally-Edited Transcripts of Your Audio and Video”

Becki Maxson

Dear Expert,

We’re the #1 transcription company for many of today’s most successful and knowledgeable marketing experts. Why? Because our transcripts are professionally edited to make you sound good – probably better than you originally did! – by removing false starts, mistakes, and annoying unconscious speech patterns. We keep the personality of the original, but just make it flow better. It makes all the difference in the readability of your transcripts for your customers, compared to other transcription services.

Getting your audio and video professionally transcribed makes it easy to:

  • Repurpose your podcasts into blog posts, articles, and ebooks
  • Add value to your membership sites
  • Improve SEO with video transcripts on YouTube and your blog
  • Give more value to joint venture partners
  • Create new products from audio and video you already have

However, all transcription services are not created equal. Hiring low-quality beginners on freelance sites or non-native speakers overseas will get you exactly what you pay for – unusable transcripts that make you look bad and waste your money.

Our specialty is working with information marketers, coaches, authors, and speakers, particularly in the various specialties of internet marketing. Here’s what they say:

Alex Mandossian

Becki Maxson and her team have earned the position to become my #1 recommendation because of their professionalism, resourcefulness, and flexibility. They have provided quick, accurate, edited transcripts for my most important projects, and have outstanding customer service. Hire them. You’ll be glad you did.

~ Alex Mandossian

CEO & Founder

Perry Marshall

My transcripts from Words Into Profits are A+ quality, because Becki and her team of transcriptionists and editors take a lot of care to translate the spoken word to written – which usually isn’t the word-for-word translation. Sometimes they need to think about what is really intended. They do things like check hyperlinks and spellings of names.

It creates a 100% better impression for the customer.”If your information is valuable, then a great transcription is more than worth the small difference in cost.

~ Perry Marshall

Ken McCarthy

Interview transcripts are a valuable part of what I provide my System Club members each month. After trying different services over the years, I found Becki Maxson at Words Into Profits a couple years ago and couldn’t be happier. The work is done on time, looks professional, and is a good value.

I’d recommend Becki and her company to anyone looking to provide great transcripts from their calls.

~ Ken McCarthy

How does it work?

Our process is simple. Use our Submit a Project tab above to send us the details of your project. We can extract the MP3 from most video files at no extra charge. We’ll confirm receipt, clarify anything that’s unclear, and let you know when to expect your transcripts. We offer three tiers of service to meet your budget and time frame, described under the Services tab above.

You may have experienced that outsourcing can be a hassle, suck up your time and energy, and still give poor results. Our business is built on referrals from happy clients like these:

Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak

Outsourcing is a huge part of my business. Being able to quickly provide transcripts of the content I create, with the comfort of knowing that they are being produced quickly to a high standard, is why I choose Words Into Profits. I send an email with a job, and then it’s returned to me in matter of days. Easy as can be.

I like simple and efficient, so if you need transcriptions done for your business, don’t go any further than Words Into Profits.

~ Yaro Starak

Gideon Shalwick

Gideon Shalwick

I’ve been working with Becki and her team at Words Into Profits for at least a year now, and I can honestly say they are the best thing that could have happened to me for getting all my videos and audio transcribed into crisp and clear text documents. Not only does their service come at a great price, but the quality of their work is ALWAYS top notch!

And an especially great feature of working with them is they’re so easy to get along with – it’s like they’re a friend who really cares about the success of my business. So as you can imagine, I fully support the great folks at Words Into Profits and recommend anyone wholeheartedly to try out their transcription and related services – there’s only one word to describe them… AWESOME!

~ Gideon Shalwick

Gauher Chaudhry

I highly recommend Words Into Profits if you need transcribing services. They were quick and responsive to my needs and the turnaround time was extremly fast. I am very pleased to endorse their services as I know they will leave a legion of happy customers around the globe.

~ Gauher Chaudhry

Mike Filsaime

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the work you do. The transcripts for my project with Russell Brunson exceeded my expectation. Your price is not only good, but you are faster than anyone I have worked with before.

I had ZERO editing needed for the job you did. I will be using you again for sure.

~ Mike Filsaime, President and CEO

Terry Dean

A lot of times transcribers are slow or they do a poor job. My transcription came back faster than expected and done right (with all the links added in correctly, good spelling, and well laid out).

~ Terry Dean – Internet Business Coach

'Dan Gallapoo

Dan Gallapoo

I’ve used a bunch of different transcription services over the years and the “best” of the bunch were mediocre at best.

But boy, was I surprised when I found Becki and They’re not only EXCEPTIONALLY good at what they do… they really “get” us… the online, direct response marketers and copywriters. When they transcribed one of my recent teleseminars, they even knew how to spell the old Gary Halbertism, “fungolas”!

After 15 years of using various transcription services, I can tell you that you will find none better than Becki’s team at

~ “Doberman” Dan Gallapoo

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

If you’re in need of a high quality transcription service, then you really need to give the team at Words Into Profits a look. I had Becki and her team help me with transcriptions for a high end coaching program and the result was simply tremendous — fast turn around and well written transcripts that were a joy to post for my members.

~ Brian G. Johnson, Super Affiliate

What’s next?

Building a profitable online business has a lot of moving parts, so be sure you’re making the most of everything you do. We can help you get lots more mileage from your audio and video content by providing great transcripts that give the best value for you and your customers.

Becki Maxson

Let’s speak soon…

CEO (Chief Excellence Obsessor)

Words Into Profits