Your Reach is Multiplied Very Easily

As promised, today we’re looking at the huge variety of information products that you could easily create in three areas: text, audio, and video. It’s simpler than you think!

Why the variety? Because your web visitors are real people with a variety of learning style preferences.

If someone hates to read, you’ll want to give them audio or video options. If someone else prefers to sit in the recliner with a cup of tea, you’re going to give them something to read. If someone likes to learn in the car or on their iPod, you guessed it, audio is best. You meet them where they are to make it attractive for them to buy from you.

So what can you do in text products? For your readers, you can create:

  • Special reports to sell or give-away to get more subscribers
  • Articles like this to put online
  • E-books to go more in-depth
  • Ezines or print newsletters
  • Tips booklets for great hand-outs or direct mail
  • Blog posts to keep your content fresh and new
  • Outlines – ideas from creating one product can keep you in new ideas for lots more.

What about folks who like to listen? It’s easy to create:

  • Teleseminars, free or paid – I’ll tell you about some free services
  • Expert interviews that you record and make the mp3’s available for download
  • Audio CDs for easy learning in the car
  • Podcasts for shorter online “radio shows” that position you as the expert

And don’t be afraid of video. It’s never been easier or more do-able for enormous exposure online:

  • PowerPoint presentations with your narration and explanation as you go through the slides
  • Webcams capturing you in live action to make that personal connection with your viewers
  • Portable little video cameras like the Flip recorder that let you make quick videos wherever you are, maybe demonstrating something that will become a best-selling product for you.

Your head may be swimming right now with all the possibilities, but let’s get back to where it all starts, with what’s inside your heart and head. You need to first get that out and into words that you can then use in lots of ways. More on that next time.

Thanks for reading. I hope your wheels are beginning to turn in thinking about profitable new products. Remember, our team is here to help you get started.