How to Get Started with Your Information Empire

Last time we talked about lots of product ideas in the areas of text, audio, and video. But where do you start? It may seem overwhelming, but it all starts in the same place.

Getting all this good content starts with words, and the best way to do that is to record some audio and get it transcribed. As one of my mentors, Alex Mandossian, says, “Write with your mouth, not with your hands.” Just like that old M&M’s commercial.

Why is this such an easy way to get lots of content? Because for most people talking is a whole lot easier than writing. For some reason we tend to stiffen up and get formal when “writing,” like there’s someone who’s going to grade us with a red pen. Forget it, just talk.

What can you talk about and how can you capture it? Here are some proven ideas that are working for thousands of other info marketers just like you.

In any niche, there are experts or other aficionados just like you, and you can interview them with questions that you know would be of interest to your web visitors. In fact, it’s very smart to even ask your visitors or subscribers exactly what they’d like to know when you talk to this expert, so the interview is highly attractive to them.

People love to talk about what they love doing, and you will have no trouble finding folks and getting them to volunteer an hour to share great information with your listeners.

Another option is to interview someone who’s got a product that would be of interest to your subscribers. Don’t make it salesy, but be genuine and dive into the product details to let your listeners know exactly what they can expect and why it could be helpful for them (or not).

Either way, it helps position you as an expert and someone they can trust. If the product owner has an affiliate program, and most do, you can even earn commissions when your listeners decide to purchase it after the call, but be up front and let them know it’s an affiliate link. Remember, you’re building trust for the long term and not just focused on immediate sales.

Doing teleseminars is extremely popular these days because it’s a powerful way for you to leverage your time and expertise and get seen as an expert by your listeners. Again this could be you doing all the teaching (tele-class), or have a guest on (expert interview).

The point is that you invite folks to the call and to participate with questions and answers at the end if you have time. It’s a powerful way to build up your community of followers and lead them into other products that you have.

You can easily use one of the free services listed below to just call and record dictated articles, reports, newsletter segments, chapters of an e-book, or anything else if you find it easier to talk than write. Lots of people do, and you’ll sound more natural that way if writing is not your thing. Then get them transcribed and you’ve got your raw material, in just a few minutes of your time.

Here are two services that are free to use and can capture your audio, record it for free, and give you the mp3 file that you can then use in lots of ways.

Neither of those are affiliate links for me, they’re simply two places that I’ve used and had good results with. There are complete instructions on those sites.

Okay, you’ve got your audio files, now what? Let’s turn that talk into profits! Next time we’ll talk about how to find and work with a transcription service, what to look for, and some major mistakes to avoid.